After the 24 hour you may take a “normal” shower.

• use mild products, apply soap in hand not on washcloth or sponge and no direct bar soap to skin.

• no exfoliation scrubs or sponges as they will take your tan away

• use warm water not to hot as it will dry out your skin

• pat or air dry no rubbing.

• You may shave and shampoo

• make sure to use a moisturizer after each shower to help extend your tan. Norvell prolong lotion is recommended as it deposits some color with each use and extends your tan while moisturizing. Your Airbrush Tan should not be in any way restricting just follow these tips to keep your tan at its best.

• Your tan is on the top layers of your skin so if you use a hot tub or chlorinated pool which will dry out your skin make sure to rinse off chemicals after and apply a moisturizer if you don’t your tan is likely to fade faster due to dry skin.

• You can get a tan while you have the Norvell Airbrush Tan on but it does not have any protection from sunburning so make sure to wear spf